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Making sure we have you and your family covered since 1988.

The AD-LER Difference: Roofing Safety is a Top Priority

Posted by Ryan Gartrell On September 2nd

Residential Roofing Fall ProtectionWhen you think about having a new roof installed, I am sure that the last thing on your mind is the safety of the crew installing it. I don’t blame you, before I started working in this industry, I would have felt the very same way.

However, safety plays a major part in every aspect of your project, from roof installation and replacement, to repairs and cleaning.

That’s one of many areas, where you will see the AD-LER difference shine!

Hi – I’m Ryan, the Safety Director here at AD-LER Roofing and I can tell you that all roofing companies are not alike.

takes great pride in leading the pack in roofing safety and quality! With projects stretching from Orlando to Naples; Miami to Fort Myers – we have many projects keeping us busy but we always have time to work safely.

Here are a few facts that make us stand out from the competition:

  • AD-LER has a team of 10 Superintendents who complete more than 130 Quality Assurance and Safety Inspections every week. That is a lot of miles but every inspection is to make sure that you receive a safe and quality product.
  • We have a dedicated Safety Department that visits work sites daily to ensure that every company policy & local, state and federal safety requirement is being exceeded.
  • We employ over 150 professional roofers here in Southwest Florida, and we never use sub-contractors to complete our work. Every person on TEAM AD-LER works for us! By taking this extra step we control quality and for me, we control safety!!
  • Our employees are issued the most up-to-date safety equipment on the market for our industry. Some businesses may cut corners but we know that providing a safe working environment is never the place to do it. Just ask any of our employees to see their safety gear… They will be proud to show it off!
  • Lastly, our company employs the use of a safety incentive program that encourages safe work practices at all of our locations. Every Superintendent has the ability to reward employees on the spot for a job safely done. Nothing beats the feeling of a job well-done.

So, when you compare roofing companies – keep in mind that we not only have the best quality and the best prices but we also have a team of the safest workers who are looking forward to providing you with your next amazing roof.

See you on your next project…

Safely yours,

Guest Blogger

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