Roofing with Integrity - Making sure we have you and your family covered since 1988.

Roofing with Integrity

Making sure we have you and your family covered since 1988.

How does your roof look, right now?

Does it look dirty and dingy or clean and maintained?

How does it compare to others in your neighborhood?

If you’re not happy with the way your roof looks, you’re not alone!

Dirty RoofWorse, a dirty roof typically means that it hasn’t been maintained in quite a while, too. A roof cleaning is in order.

So many people we’ve talked with, and even helped, over the years have said “If I knew what to do and not to do — I would have cleaned my roof years ago!”

Some, unfortunately, have paid the ultimate price, and have had bigger issues that could have been spotted — if they knew what to look for — while their roof was being cleaned…

My family and I have been SO fortunate to have helped thousands of people over the last few decades

As you might have guessed, over those years — we’ve learned so much about:

  • what are acceptable techniques and approaches to cleaning roofs,
  • what are HUGE NO-NO’s when it comes to cleaning, and even maintaining roofs, and
  • most importantly, what signs to look for — that can signal bigger issues — when a roof is being cleaned.

Today, as we work to help people through the power of the Internet, with the same care and compassion we’ve been known for in the non-digital world, we simply want to assure you’ve got a place to go get honest, no-nonsense, helpful answers that are easy to understand!

With that all being said, we are very proud to introduce our very first eBook that reviews the powerful distinctions you need to know to clean and maintain a roof.

The best part?

It’s free!

Our new eBook is called “How To Clean and Maintain My Roof” and guides you through the following topics —

  1. Roof CleaningThe Reality of Cleaning a Roof – so that you understand the personal danger involved, and you are aware of how easy it is to damage your roof.
  2. The First Step:  A Roof Inspection – so that you are well-informed about any problematic issues with your roof, and you are familiar with the preventative measures that can save you money.
  3. Roof Cleaning, Carefully, with the Correct Cleaning Products – protecting your family and yourself from the risks of using harsh cleaning products, and becoming knowledgeable about the environmentally friendly “green” products that are available.
  4. How to Select the Right Roofing Company When You Need Guidance – asking for word of mouth referrals, and following a guideline to ask the right questions.

The next time you hear: “having a roof cleaned is for cosmetic reasons” – you will know better – when you know what to look for, roof cleaning can save hundreds, even thousands in future maintenance costs.

We would love it if you’d get our free eBook, How To Clean and Maintain My Roof, and let us know what you think, too!

If you have any questions, or think we can help you, please take a moment and call us at (239) 936-8226, Contact Us online, or use our “Ask A Roofer” feature!

We serve Fort Myers, Naples, Tampa, West Side of Orlando, Southwest Florida, and Sarasota and Manatee Counties.

-Adam and Eddie


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