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Is Your Roof Ready for the Rainy Season?

Posted by Ryan Gartrell On June 25th

Do you live in Florida? Then you know the rainy season is here!

Have you checked your roof lately?

Rainy Season

This is the time of the year we count on our roofs to protect our family, our belongings, and the structure of our home from the heavy rain during the rainy season.

Unfortunately, after a torrential downpour an unexpected roof leak can show up, especially when your roof hasn’t been inspected and properly maintained.

Before you know it, that roof leak can turn into an emergency. A blister starts forming from your ceiling. The faster the rain comes down, the larger the blister gets!

What should you do?

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Small Roof Leak Can Become Major Problem Quickly

Posted by Ryan Gartrell On March 17th

What happens when you postpone a roof inspection that may have revealed a potential leak?

A homeowner postponed the repair of a small roof leak. He thought he was saving himself some money right now by not having to pay a $300 to $400 repair bill.

Not really!

Roof LeakUnfortunately, the front end of the bill may have been a $300 to $400 charge, but when the leak was left to fester it turned into $2500+ repair bill.

In similar cases, we have completed repairs all the way up to $6,000. A slow leak on top of a truss can rot the truss and the wood out.

When that happens, it requires opening up a huge section of the roof. A homeowner is putting a quarter of the value of their roof in the repair!Watch All Girls Weekend (2016) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Have you noticed that after the last rainstorm you have a small roof leak ?

But it’s not the rainy season here in Florida, so you didn’t give it a second thought.

Well, you may want to reconsider. When the rainy season does kick in that little dinky leak can completely change.

In June and July, when the rainy season starts, and the big rainstorms arrive you are looking at one or two inches of rain coming down inside of a couple of hours.

That leak can turn into a waterfall!
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